Ten tips to ramp up your marketing

Need some advice to help refresh your marketing? Based on our experience as a B2B marketing agency, helping SMES grow,  here are ten of our top tips for SMEs to ramp up their marketing. 

For many SME’s, the key to successful marketing is all about the implementation. All too often, marketing is the easiest function to let slip when faced with the day-to-day demands of running a business. And you might be surprised with what can be achieved by writing a realistic marketing plan that focuses on a limited number of monthly activities and sticking to it. Here are ten tips, you might find useful to consider, when developing your 2019 Marketing Plan:-

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Seven essential tips for great client marketing meetings

So what makes a good meeting that delivers fantastic results? Whilst most of these tips might seem obvious, they can make a noticeable difference on executing your marketing strategy.  Read more

The Secrets of Captivating Website Copy – 6 Tips to Writing Great Content

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The perks of a strong brand - 5 tips to building your business brand

Read Jack Reid's latest blog for some useful advice on developing your brand.  Read more

Which is harder, marketing or rocket science? Highlights from the 2016 B2B Marketing Summit.

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Easy steps to perfecting your LinkedIn Company Page

Our Marketing Assistant, Jack Reid, completes his whistle stop tour of using LinkedIn better by providing some useful tips on how to create and manage compelling Company LinkedIn pages.   Read more

LinkedIn - how to go from Rookie to All Star

There is little doubt that LinkedIn is a valuable business tool. Our Marketing Assistant, Jack Reid, examines how to perfect your personal profile. 
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Does your marketing need a refresh? When was the last time you reviewed your brand?

Jack Reid, Marketing Assistant at B2B marketing agency The Richmond Marketing Consultancy, outlines some key points to keep your marketing on track.  Read more

Is your website scaring customers away?

Your website is key to your inbound marketing strategy. Jack Reid, who is interning as a marketing assistant at The Richmond Marketing Consultancy, provides seven useful tips to make your website really work for you.  Read more

Successful Inbound Marketing For Small Businesses - Your Checklist for 2015

For busy owners of small businesses, having a steady stream of inbound enquiries is gold dust. Invest some time in a well thought out inbound marketing strategy to generate qualified leads that really do convert.  Read more

“We know more than we can tell” An introduction to tacit knowledge

Guest Blog: Jack Reid gives a brief outline of tacit knowledge and its importance to professional services and B2B firms.  Read more

Setting Up Your Linkedin Showcase Pages

Are you making the most of LinkedIn for your business? The latest Company Showcase Pages provide a useful marketing opportunity for SMEs to promote specific aspects of their product or service. Read more

Google Universal Analytics - What You Need To Know

It's been a few years now since Google started talking about Universal Analytics, but in October last year they finally announced the inevitable. That Universal Analytics was to become the "operating standard for Google Analytics".  Read more

10 Ways Social Networks Can Help Promote Your Business

Guest Blog: Louise Baker discusses ten ways she has found useful to promote her business via social networks. Read more

Becoming Royalty With Loyalty

Guest Blog: Isaac Griffiths and Jack Reid define customer loyalty and outline six compelling reasons why retaining customers is so important. Read more

The Ever-Changing Face of SEO & the Small Businesses Affected

At Richmond Marketing Consultancy we work with a lot of small professional services businesses. It was really interesting to us to come across the data in the infographic below which details how small businesses perceive their SEO services. Read more

Effective Use of LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers businesses a fantastic opportunity to network without ever leaving the comfort of their desks. The problem we face though is that most execs see LinkedIn as no more than a recruitment tool.  Read more

The State of Inbound Marketing

Having recently attended the Inbound Marketing conference in London, and returned with a mountain of notes, we wanted to pass on some of the great things we picked up about the state of inbound marketing and what it means for B2B and Professional Services. Read more

Mobile Marketing Why and How

Mobile marketing is becoming more and more important across the board. According to researchers 22% of UK users have already given up the desktop for mobile forms of accessing the web (source: Mobithinking). Read more

Defining your tone of voice

Here is the next in our collection of Digital Marketing for Professional Services blogs, this time we are talking about tone of voice and how to find yours. Read more

Google add new Paid & Organic Report

Companies who advertise via Google Adwords will now notice that they have an additional report available to them. This report integrates the paid search data and the organic search data enabling you to see where your keywords best perform. Read more

What is Content Marketing?

Many professional services firms have adopted the importance of staying ahead of the game with their marketing plans, content marketing is the latest must-have strategy thanks greatly to the emphasis Google have put on high quality digital content for ranking purposes. Read more

Lead nurturing for B2B and professional services firms

Why does lead nurturing matter? When you consider the research conducted by MarketingSherpa that 73% of B2B leads are not ready to make a purchase, the value of lead nurturing becomes quickly apparent.  Businesses that have undertaken effective lead nurturing campaigns have seen impressive results on their bottom line.  Read more

Guest Blogging - The Facts

Over recent months various sources have raised questions over the validity of guest blogging and if it is a useful digital marketing method, or if it just harms a businesses SEO efforts.  Read more

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