Google add new Paid & Organic Report

Companies who advertise via Google Adwords will now notice that they have an additional report available to them. This report integrates the paid search data and the organic search data enabling you to see where your keywords best perform. Read more

What is Content Marketing?

Many professional services firms have adopted the importance of staying ahead of the game with their marketing plans, content marketing is the latest must-have strategy thanks greatly to the emphasis Google have put on high quality digital content for ranking purposes. Read more

Lead nurturing for B2B and professional services firms

Why does lead nurturing matter? When you consider the research conducted by MarketingSherpa that 73% of B2B leads are not ready to make a purchase, the value of lead nurturing becomes quickly apparent.  Businesses that have undertaken effective lead nurturing campaigns have seen impressive results on their bottom line.  Read more

Guest Blogging - The Facts

Over recent months various sources have raised questions over the validity of guest blogging and if it is a useful digital marketing method, or if it just harms a businesses SEO efforts.  Read more

Lead generation for B2B and professional services Firms

B2B and Professional Services lead generation strategy - For most B2B and professional services firms generating a constant flow of good quality leads is difficult. Whilst you might be very effective at writing proposals that win business, many firms remain painfully aware that there is probably a more effective way of generating new business leads in the first place. Read more