Golden Orb, a management consultancy specialising in using computer technology to solve complex business problems, has developed a new marketing management system, Compas. This cloud-based software is aimed at the larger end of the SME market, with fmcg and multi-channel retailers being key target segments.

The Challenge

The Richmond Marketing Consultancy was asked to develop a strong brand identity and create a range of marketing collateral to support the software launch at TFM 2017.

The Solution

A distinctive look and feel was developed for Compas, with a range of brand assets, including brochures, advertisements and exhibition materials. Since the 2017 launch, we have provided exhibition support for numerous events including Smarter Tech Live 2017, Marketing Week Live 2018 and TFM 2018.

Ten tips to ramp up your marketing

Need some advice to help refresh your marketing? Based on our experience as a B2B marketing agency, helping SMES grow,  here are ten of our top tips for SMEs to ramp up their marketing. 

For many SME’s, the key to successful marketing is all about the implementation. All too often, marketing is the easiest function to let slip when faced with the day-to-day demands of running a business. And you might be surprised with what can be achieved by writing a realistic marketing plan that focuses on a limited number of monthly activities and sticking to it. Here are ten tips, you might find useful to consider, when developing your 2019 Marketing Plan:-

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